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Building a house | Process

How it works

Building a house with Designhus – Our Process

This is how we build a customized and turnkey house in 40-45 weeks.

  • We listen to your thoughts and wishes

  • In the realization of your dream home, it’s crucial that the provider listens deeply to your wishes. That’s why we begin our process by allowing you to express your thoughts and any sketches you may have about how your dream house should look. It’s essential that from the outset, you feel supported enough to make confident decisions – we’re here every step of the way.

  • You bounce ideas with us

  • Whether you want to illustrate your dream home in a detailed drawing or wish to build a house that fits a plot you already own, we can assist you from the outset. We provide expertise and act as a reliable sounding board, taking into account your dreams, your plot, and your budget.

  • You'll receive a rendering, a quote, and a timeline

  • Once the details are finalized and you’re satisfied, we’ll provide you with an illustrative rendering of the house, a quote for the final cost, and a clear timeline for the project. Now, you can trust us to take over the work and relax while the project unfolds. Our skilled and trained craftsmen in various specialist areas will take care of both your plot and your house with our turnkey solution.

    Worried about exceeding your budget during construction? Don’t be, we set a fixed price from the start to ensure your finances remain secure

  • The construction of your house begins

  • Now you’ve come a long way in the process of building your house. Finally, the first shovel is taken! We prepare all the components in our workshop and then assemble the house on site.

  • We hand over the keys to your dream home!

  • The day has arrived! Your dream home is complete, and we proudly hand over the keys to you. Your satisfaction as the buyer is our main driving force throughout the project. Welcome to move into your dream home.


Building a house doesn't have to be difficult

By your side
every step of the way

Building your dream home can often feel like a complicated and drawn-out process. That is unless you choose to partner with us at Designhus. We’ve crafted a model for house construction that streamlines the process for you, our valued customer. With us, you’ll have a reliable, competent, and experienced company by your side every step of the way.

In the end, you’ll receive a high-quality house with its own unique character, not a replica of your neighbor’s property. We offer peace of mind through comprehensive contract agreements and establish a fixed price that fits comfortably within your budget.

So glad it was completed on time! It was a big family Christmas in the new house! :)
Family Granqvist

Vanliga frågor

How long does the process of building a new house usually take?

Ca 40-45 weeks.

Is it more expensive to build a customized Designhus with loose timber, compared to, for example, modular houses?

No, the reason for this is that the BWN Group, which owns Designhus, also owns subsidiary companies such as UMG Entreprenad for groundwork, Gediget Måleri for painting work, Ekohus for special material needs, as well as established relationships with electricians/plumbers, etc., since 2001.

Why choose Designhus?

Because we love building dream homes. That’s why we exist.

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